Starry, Starry Summer Nights: Easy, Elegant Eco
Organic Spa Magazine STYLE
by Zoe Helene

In a season of brightly colored florals and festive splashy prints, simple understated styles can be stand-outs. For an easy, elegant look that flows from sunny days to starry summer nights, start with soft sleek pieces in black or white and add a bit of sparkle.

When sun sets and moon rises, all the world is draped in dreamy mystery. In most cultures dating back to antiquity, the moon symbolized Divine Feminine through all phases of Life. A shining, omnipresent power in the shadowed veils of night, her realm of mystery, she lured lovers into trance state, tempting them to risk unchartered territories. Is it any wonder we never tired of dressing in deep blacks and glowing whites on summer nights?

But the moon is not alone... Depending on where you live, the night sky sparkles quite intensely with billions upon billions of stars, each one a winking, twinkling glimpse of some faraway world.

Such exquisite reminders of the profound realization that we are not alone, and that our home planet is as vulnerable as it is precious. These ethical and earth-friendly pieces were created by designers who are inspired by such poetic sensibilities.


Designer Chloé Bourrioux of EELD (Ethical Ecological Luxury & Design) incorporates organic and bio-silk into her chic designs, with an eye for luxurious fabrics
that feel as good as they look. This gossamer-soft and drapey Marilyn-inspired dress is made from 100 percent white organic silk, cinched in the front and softly gathered at the back. EELD Organic Silk Virgin Moon Dress $392,

Photo Credit: Le Lab by BrandAlley


Midori Ferris Wayne’s designs are forged from reclaimed 14 karat rose gold and sterling silver with tiny vintage diamonds and reclaimed 14 karat white gold chain. Okomido Starflower Suite, Earrings $705, Necklace $680,


Edun founders Ali Hewson and Bono fell in love with Africa years ago and have advocated for ethical trade by manufacturing there ever since. Creative Director Sharon Wauchob, known for her classic aesthetic and urban appeal, is one of the most influential ethical designers in the arena.

A dreamy asymmetrical dress that wraps around you like a warm summer night. Relaxed yet sophisticated, a flawless classic with grommet detail that adds a hit of bling. Edun Drape Front Jersey LBD, $278,

Photo courtesy Edun


Turkish jewelry designer Selad Okutan’s knows owls are sacred in many cultures. Owl Medicine in Native American tradition has to do with intense clarity in sudden, unexpected Truth. In Polynesian culture owl is honored as an ancestral spirit. In ancient Egyptian, Celtic, and Hindu culture owls were guardians of souls in transition, and in ancient Greece owl was seer/familiar. Wear with the Edun drape dress on the hand opposite the grommet bling. Owl’s eyes mirror the circle shapes and will bring out your eyes. Limited Edition Owl Puhu Ring, $355;


This striking stiletto takes you to the height of style. We hear that Natalie Portman loves designer Elizabeth Olsen’s stylish vegan shoe line, and you will, too! OlsenHaus Pure Vegan Egypt Heel, $225,


An understated vegan flat that is perfect for a romantic stroll or a night on the dance floor. The inscription reads: “We are the women of the earth. We are here to nurture and protect all living beings. Live your power.” OlsenHaus Pure Vegan Journey Sandal, $88,


Sexy halter-neck body-hugging jumpsuit, with loose flare around the legs. Made from luxurious 100 percent organic modal, a fabric sourced from beech tree fibers, which feels almost more like silk than silk. Camilla Wellton Thunder Jumpsuit, $280, Earrings, Noritamy,


Classic basket set 18 karat white gold posts and diamonds are guaranteed ethical and eco-friendly sourced. Brilliant Earth White Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings, $550,


Crescent moon brooches were Victorian-era classics, but are now hard to find. Vintage sterling silver pin with hand-set faceted rock crystal stones. Antique Victorian Crescent Moon Brooch, $285,

By Zoe Helene

May 2012