Cannabis seedling by Dmitry Tishchenko

Talking About Our Psyche with Zoe Helene
The Canna Mom Show | PODCAST
with host Joyce Gerber

We are excited to begin season 3 of The Canna Mom Show with Zoe Helene, founder of Cosmic Sister, an environmental feminist collective. The Canna Mom Show is launching into a new topic with today’s show, we are expanding our understanding of plant medicine beyond cannabis. Zoe Helene is a self-described psychedelic feminist and she is also a performer, advocate and educator with a Jewish connection. On today’s show Joyce and Zoe talk about psychedelic sacred plants and fungi and how they are here to heal us and our planet.


A podcast talking about and giving voice to women in the emerging cannabis industry, one “canna-story” at a time, hosted by Joyce Gerber, attorney, advocate and writer. Joyce brings her exceptional organizational skills, patience and compassion to the emerging cannabis industry. She is the creator and host of The Canna Mom Show. When not advocating for cannabis normalization, Joyce is active with many community and civic organizations in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband, children, pets and several students from the Berklee School of Music. In her spare time she has managed a rock band, ran for a local political office, and likes to create beautiful quilts for friends and family. Joyce has degrees from Northeastern University, Tufts University and Connecticut College.

September 2021