Citizens of Earth

Zoe Helene on Being a Psychedelic Feminist
by Loren DeVito, PhD

“Psychedelics have the power to help us rapidly evolve from a cultural or behavioral perspective so we can be better Citizens of Earth as a species, which starts with hundreds, then thousands, then millions, then billions of individual revolutions within."

“It’s about our natural right to journey with sacred plants and fungi—as in universal and inalienable rights, natural laws that cannot be repealed by human laws. We are dedicated to the sacred plants as evolutionary allies, integral to the human experience. We co-evolved with these plants, and we need them now more than ever.”

“If you’re thinking of the Peruvian Amazon ayahuasca experience as ‘tourism,’ you should not go.”

“My first ayahuasca experience It felt all at once like a homecoming, an initiation and an invitation.”

PRØHBTD (@prohbtd)
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June 2019