Psychedelic Feminism—Environmental Equity
Psychedelic Spotlight | Podcast
with host Swati Sharma

Episode Summary:

In this episode of the Psychedelic Spotlight podcast, we catch up with psychedelic feminist Zoe Helene. She is an artist, environmentalist, and cultural activist best known for women’s empowerment and working with sacred psychedelic plants and fungi. She is the founder of Cosmic Sister, an environmental feminist collective advocating for the widespread education of psychedelic feminism and women-centered visibility in the space.

In our conversation, we discuss some of Zoe’s formative experiences in the creative arts which led her down the path of plant medicine advocacy, core feminist issues and how psychedelics play a role in furthering women’s movements, why an emphasis on equity and representation within the budding psychedelic industry is crucial and still has a long way to go, and so much more.

October 2021