Baby Lamb Kisses—Photo by Junelle Jacobsen

Happy Year of the Lucky, Lovable Lamb
Organic Spa Magazine
by Zoe Helene

Celebrate the Year of the Lamb with these life-affirming, lamb-inspired products that are eco-friendly, ethically produced, artisan made, vintage, or any combination of those things.

There’s just nothing sweeter than a lamb, and that’s truth. Take a look at these super-sweet little faces--! I couldn't help but smile, and smiling made me feel a warm and happy from the inside. Pure, innocent, gentle, affectionate, trusting, vulnerable, peaceful. Playful, lively, friendly, joyful, fresh, feisty! That’s Good Medicine.

KATA GOLDA Contemporary Handmade Lamb Pillow Fabric artist and environmentalist Kata Golda works in an eco-friendly home studio by the sea, where she surrounds herself with inspiring colors, textures and materials. This pillow is hand-stitched using hand-dyed wool felt, then hand-embroidered. It’s available on Design Public, a great source for interior designers with minimalist sensibilities.
BLA BLA KIDS Fair Trade Knit Lamb Toys These environmentally friendly, Fair Trade lamb toys are handmade by Peruvian artisans who have kept their tradition alive for generations. Best friends Susan Pritchett and Florence Wetterwald started the company “to inspire joy and laughter.” While traveling in Peru, they were moved by the gentle spirit of an entire village of expert knitters and formed a creative collaboration with them. “We feel very lucky to be able to bring a little bit of tenderness to so many children every day,” they state.
SWEET PEA TOAD TOTS Handmade Lamb Hat Early springtime can be a bit chilly, but Cathy Hawkins' handcrafted lamb hat will keep your little one warm and happy. This hat registers high on the cute scale. You’ll want to snap some shots of your little cutie-pie, so have your camera ready!
LAZY ANIMALS Black and White Lamb Needle Felted Finger Puppets In recent years, fine artist and graphic designer Ayelet Gazit was drawn to “soft and slow crafts.” Her little characters are handcrafted with great care, combining knitting and needle-felting. These one-of-a-kind cuties make perfect companions for “a child or grown-up who has a generous heart, imagination and a good sense of humor,” she says. All materials are natural and reclaimed, and Lazy Animals make delightful decorations after a day of puppet play. “A combination of innocence, gentleness and vulnerability makes lambs so irresistible,” Gazit says. “Happy Chinese new year!”
HINODE FARM Handcrafted Beeswax Lamb Candle Light a warm, golden glow for Love in the Year of the Lamb. This small family run, bee-friendly business in the Pacific Northwest has been handcrafting fine 100% beeswax candles for over 25 years. Pure beeswax candles burn cleanly with a warm golden flame. Nothing burns more cleanly and beautifully than beeswax, with its radiant light and naturally occurring fragrances of flowers and sweet honey.
SCENTAPY Handmade Lamb Soap Favors Kimberly Mead’s heavenly 100 percent natural, vegan and cruelty-free lamb-shape soaps are handmade with “a lot of love!” Each one comes individually packaged with a ribbon tied around the lamb's neck and a personalized label topper, making them an ideal party favor for baby showers or any special occasion. Mead’s passion to create natural bath and body care products was sparked when she learned about how many harmful and harsh chemicals are in most commercial products. Using her own recipes and the cold process, a method that requires a four- to six-week cure, Mead controls every ingredient that goes into her soaps.
BABYCHELLE BABYMIO Organic Terry Cotton Lamb Blankie Babychelle’s adorable Babymio (“my baby”) collection is made from 100% organic cotton and features baby-welcoming essentials like this snugly lamb blanket that will surely help your little angel have sweet dreams.
APPLE PARK Organic Lamby Kids Knapsack I found darling backpack on Magic Cabin and I can't think of a cuter way for little people to carry their special gear. Look at that pink, heart-shaped nose! Plus, the soft, snugly organic cotton face doubles as a plush pillow on the go for nap time! Apple Park creates environmentally responsible classic children's toys that are not just healthier for your for kids, but for the planet too.
WHITMAN Vintage 1941 Mama Ewe with Twin Lambs Picture Puzzle Will you be the next steward of this classic swing era treasure? The collectables are irreplaceable pieces of history that become more valuable, and harder to find, as the years go by. This is one of two Whitman children’s picture puzzles boxes in their original boxes (the second puzzle is a rooster, a hen, and their baby chicks, also delightful). Both are in excellent vintage condition with all their pieces and have the authentic time-travel look-and-feel of times gone by.
CHEENGOO Organic Bamboo Handmade Baby Lamb Ring Rattle In South Korea, where Organic Bamboo founder and head designer Elizabeth Paik was born, the word cheengoo means “friend.” Pak’s products are stylish, fun, and practical. “There is in my mind absolutely no reason to sacrifice the sensible for the sensational,” she says. Crafted ethically and environmentally by “a happy band of mostly mothers and farmers in rural China,” says Pak, who proudly provides a supportive work environment for artisan working mothers who can earn a fair wage and maintain healthy home lives.
SPADEMAN POTTERY Surprise Lamb Animug Even after 27 years of making pottery, ceramic artist Sarah Spademan still enjoys that moment of opening up the kiln after firing, “to see how the pieces have transformed in the heat.” Whoever gets to drink out of this “animug” will smile when they discover a friendly lamb smiling up at them.
YES & AMEN Baby Lambikin Kisses Sheep and lamb photographer Junelle Jacobsen has found the most adorable models on the planet. This precious image catches two of her wooly muses in an especially sweet moment. Eco-friendly prints and greeting cards of this beautiful photo and many others are available at Yes & Amen.

Zoe Helene ( spent the years from age 9 to 19 in New Zealand and was influenced strongly by the experience. When her family first moved to the far, faraway island, Zoe bonded with the island through the spirit of lovable spring lambs. She raised two lambs, a boy named Karaki and a girl named Wai. This feature is dedicated to their sweet spirits.

March 2015