Photo by Jeff Skeirik / Makeup by Monica Alvarez (courtesy Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis)

Cannabis + Yoga: Blending the Benefits of Mindfulness and Plant Medicine
Green Flower Media
by Rachelle Gordon

The use of cannabis is an ancient ritual that has been a part of humanity for at least 10,000 years. Throughout the millennia, cannabis has found a place alongside many other practices due to its medicinal and spiritual benefits.

Now that the plant is legal in some form in over half of the states, there is more room to explore its unique properties. One practice making waves for people from all backgrounds is cannabis yoga.

“Yoga has many benefits for the mind, body and spirit including creating a balanced state of health,” says Rachael Carlevale, founder of Ganjasana cannabis plant spirit yoga.

“The practice has been shown to boost immunity, happiness, and prevent injury and diseases as we age.”

Carlevale started Ganjasana with a desire to bring her knowledge of plant medicine, yoga, and mindfulness to the world.

“It’s kind of a culmination of my whole life’s work and experience coming together,” Carlevale explains.

“I first started the practice of yoga when I was 15 and I found a lot of benefit from it in my physical body, my emotional body, my spiritual body – I was really able to get in touch with all those sides of myself through the practice of yoga for healing.”

Photoshoot courtesy Cosmic Sisters of Cannabis

Photo by Jeff Skeirik

Makeup by Monica Alvarez
@MonicaAlvarezMakeUp (Facebook)
@KillTheMic (Twitter)

February 2017