Ayesha Ophelia

Ayesha Ophelia wins Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Award
Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Award
with MAPS Canada

Congratulations, Cosmic Sister Emerging Voices Award (CS EVA) recipient Ayesha Ophelia (@thegirlfriendmanifesto)!

Ayesha Ophelia is a rising voice in the spiritual, wellness, and transformational world. Her work is centered around plants, people, and potential. She created a thriving community called The Girlfriend Manifesto (@thegirlfriendmanifesto) where she serves women a daily dose of inspiration through TGM’s four pillars: spirituality, adventure, self-love, and sisterhood.

A storyteller and visual artist, Ayesha is garnering attention for her unorthodox work as a spiritual provocateur for women through TGM, her dedication to destigmatizing cannabis and other entheogens on her podcast, “Holy Smoke” (@holysmokepodcast), and her voracious desire to study and embody esoteric knowledge. She has shared her story and findings about consciousness, spirituality, and bringing about change on podcasts, PopSugar, and Hay House radio.

"I believe in the power of plants to transform us into a more peaceful, connected, loving, and advanced planet,” Ayesha says. “My particular interest in psychedelics intersects with spirituality, healing, clinical application, and rituals like birthing and death. I will continue to use my voice and the privilege that has been granted me because of being different in the psychonaut community. I believe all humans have a deep connection with plants, and under their influence, we can evolve in a holistic manner."

Ayesha dreams of building a healing center homestead where people can learn about more natural ways of living and healing, hopes to write a book aimed at true womanhood, and will continue her deep dive into the alchemy of entheogenic plants.

Ayesha has a Fine Art degree from The Art Institute of Atlanta and a business degree from Chattanooga State.


June 2020